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My book launch – speakers confirmed (integrated dementia care)


The event will be chaired by @lisasaysthis and I am delighted we will be joined by an unique set of brilliant speakers: @allyc375, @maneeshjuneja, @lucyjmarsters, @nurseslim, @learnhospice, @wendypmitchell and @aspirantdiva.

I am delighted that, as on previous occasions, we’ll be joined by @dementiaboy @rivkahmiar @mason4233 and @jaynegoodrick, and we’ll be welcoming too @3spirituknz.

I am honoured that Prof @martinrossor and Prof Dawn Brooker have allowed me to dedicate my book to them.




How to provide outstanding quality care and services for people living with dementia in all care settings




Every person living with dementia is entitled to the highest standards of wellbeing and health and social care services. This in-depth, evidence-based book identifies how outstanding quality care might be achieved, whether in residential or home-based settings.

Experienced dementia researcher Dr Shibley Rahman highlights the key contemporary underpinnings of integrated care that are required for wellbeing for living with dementia, including technology, staff performance, leadership, and intelligent regulation of services. The book addresses the major challenges to promoting person-centred care, and tackles difficult conversations around spirituality, sexuality and dying well. The crucial importance of promoting physical and mental health is emphasised. Taking into account recent developments in NICE guidelines and Cochrane reviews for dementia, this book presents an opportunity for all those involved in the provision of care for people with dementia to maintain a focus on delivering the best care possible, and to engage with the wider issues surrounding wellbeing. The book will be especially useful to commissioners following the NHS ‘new models of care’ “vanguards”.


Key Points


Authoritative – the author is an extremely active and highly regarded expert in the field.

References the recent changes to the NICE guidelines for dementia.

Practical focus on how to support the wellbeing of people with dementia in care homes and home care.



Target audience

Dementia care practitioners, managers, service providers and commissioners, policy makers, and peer support groups.

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