This page will contain up to date factsheets about dementia, based on the current available literature. They will be made available completely for the public good, free of charge. The only requirement is that you cite the original source as here.

On the advice of Chris Roberts, living with dementia, Alzheimer’s Society ambassador for Wales and research ambassador for Alzheimer’s Research UK, I have decided to produce the following factsheets. The factsheets are not be used as medical advice, and will contain evidence-based information given the current state-of-the-art literature.

The factsheets will be free to download and use subject to the conditions above as they become available.

DS01 What is dementia?

DS02 Risk reduction

DS03 Minimal cognitive impairment

DS04 Diagnosis

DS05 Alzheimer’s disease

DS06 Frontotemporal dementia

DS07 Vascular dementia

DS08 Lewy body disease

DS09 Young onset dementia

DS10 Rarer dementias

DS11 Drug treatments in dementia

DS12 Living better with dementia

DS13 Genetics

DS14 Legal aspects of planning for the future

DS15 Palliative approaches and dementia



Dr Shibley Rahman

2 July 2016




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