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The ‘Dementia Society’ was launched by me in July 2016.

The term ‘dementia’ embraces more than a hundred different conditions of the brain. It just happens that I have been working on dementia, including as a junior in the dementia and cognitive disorders firm at Queen Square and in my Ph.D. at Cambridge, on and off since 1996. I’ve thus far published two successful books on dementia, and published numerous papers on neurodegenerative diseases including dementia (especially frontotemporal dementia). My research is in fact included in the chapter on dementia in the current Oxford Textbook of Medicine.

I’ve become increasingly nauseated at the slick marketing of dementia, in a way that can subvert the narrative, and in a way which is highly dependent on success of funding. I want to redress this imbalance by producing a thought-provoking blog, and providing materials which are completely open-source. As inspired by Paul Mason’s “Post capitalism”, I am trying to offer a disruptive approach to dementia, producing a high quality offering for free. All the materials are free of charge, provided that correct acknowledgement is given.

I strongly believe that knowledge is power, to quote Sir Francis Bacon – and that if you wish to learn about dementia and how to negotiate caring rôles and responsibilities you grasp the nettle and learn as much as you can!

Dr Shibley Rahman

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